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No matter who are you, there are probably days when you could all use a little extra help getting from nine to five. (Or, more realistically, nine to six, seven, or even eight.)

If youre like me, coffee and music fuel your mornings. But whendare I saythe coffee is all gone, music is all youve got.

Whether you need to focus, get pumped up, or wind down, the right playlist at the right time has the ability to transform your day from dull to dope (and occasionally make up for that lack of caffeine). In addition, quality songs also have the power to reduce stress, help you connect with the moment, and give you all the feels.

So if youre looking for the perfect tunes to carry you from the morning commute to happy hour, check out these 10 awesome playlists.

1. When You Need Inspiration on Your Commute Thatll Help You Completely Dominate Your Day

AM Commute

2. When You First Get to Your Desk and Need to Block Any Potential for Human Interaction Until After Your First Coffee

Morning Coffee

3. When You Need to Focus and Find Your Zen

Brain Food

4. When You Need to Get Pumped Up for a Big Meeting

Walk In Like You Own the Place

5. When You Hit Your Post Lunch Energy Slump and Need a Boost

Afternoon Energy Boost

6. When You Just Cant With Being an Adult and Want to Re-visit the Days of Full House and Saved by the Bell

All Out 90s

7. When You Cant Stop Thinking About Your Office Crush

All the Feels

8. When You Love Your Job and Want to Celebrate It

Warm Hearts Feel Good

9. When You Hate Your Job and Need Some Motivation to Keep Going

I Hate My Job

10. When Youre Going Home and Need to Get the Office Off Your Mind

End of Day Uplift

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