Spotify stops after 20 seconds

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Im a huge fan of Spotify, but I recently encountered a really annoyingand apparently commonbug. No matter what playlist, artist, or album I was listening to (whether on my iPhone, Mac, or Sonos), Spotify would pause every song or two, and Id have to tap Play for it to continue.

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I tried clearing the cache, deleting and reinstalling Spotify, and pretty much everything else I could think of. I finally found the right solution, so if Spotify keeps pausing on you, heres what to do.

Go to Spotifys websiteand log in. On the Account Overview page, scroll down and click the Sign Out Everywhere button.

This force signs you out of every instance of Spotify on all your devices.


Open Spotify on your smartphone or computer and sign in again.

Now, Spotify should behave normally. For whatever reason, logging out of everywhere at once forces it to reset something while doing it on a device-by-device basis does not.

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